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Cop + Killer

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Crime Scene New York - The Big Apple - Cop and Killer! 

The first expansion to Cop and Killer gets real in the streets of Manhattan, the Big Apple. Always on the run and try to guess, where will be the next hard hitter! The MOMA, Empire State, JFK Airport, Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge?

Find them all there and more, get your kicks to fulfill your mission or get captured.

Some possible sights!

Sehenswürdigkeiten NYSehenswürdigkeiten NYSehenswürdigkeiten NY

Sehenswürdigkeiten NYSehenswürdigkeiten NYSehenswürdigkeiten NY

The Sightseeing cards allow players to move, instead of dicing, an odd number of moves. So you will always reach from an empty space on the board a space of action. From now on it is easy to be a step ahead from the opposition.

Inside the carddeck you will find 10 different locations each of them twice. There are also plenty of other options for gameplay on the cards. Included are for example - Interrogation, Suspended ansd Arrest.

FBI and Fire Escape give the bad guys some cruel decisions to be made in the heat of action.

Policework! Some of the new cards in more detail.....


"Action" - cards can be used to bring some nasty surprises for the other players as soon as the mover stops on the gameboard on an empty space. Special Actions are even more prominent, if you decide to support another player or just get yourself a more respectable piece of action. Than just use Hired and contact your local syndicate.

Just drop into your car and hit the streets, move to your assigned victim. Target in sight and Assault may be your favourite cards of the day. You don´t need somebody else to clear this mission. You are the one, the top notch, and why should you play and mingle with people? Take your target out with your Sniper Rifle card.

You know, so it is how it has to be done, you raw recruits! Scarface is coming.... the rise of a new boss?


There are not only plenty of choices for the killer ID, all of the other players can participate!

Brave citizens are often more than willing to accept some coin from the local syndicate to water their hungry mouths!

Cards, which are showing red and blue coins can be used vice a versa and supports either killer or cop. It is your choice!

Why wait, just give some badly needed hint to the right authorities and you might even end up the day in your favour!


Here are following some more examples for the never be without it carddeck possible gameplay: A locker! You earn it, you keep it! If you think you could make a better use of your coins for later, than put them in the locker. In this case you won´t necessarily have to give them away at the end of a mission. Savings are a great benefit for the next rounds or the end game!

Other cards allow to deal with the handicap to aim and shoot the targets. Here you can chose if you make it easier and pull the target closer or make it more difficult and put it abroad! For players, who are the faint hearted exist even more ammunition. So you can decide to give them more darts to shoot. You can also convince everybody with ID cards that for this occasion and only this round, you are the killer and take over the main ID from another player, even when you owned at the beginning only an alibi.

A propos alibi: Your main ID is the killer and you have the alibi card on your hand. You are interrogated and just simply play the alibi card. For what use is a girlfriend, if she can´t witness before the cops, that you stayed with her the whole night.... When the cops find out, that you were lying, you are already gone with the wind. But for sure, not before you accomplished your mission and killed the target.


The first themedeck Cop and Killer Crime Scene NY brings a lot of fun and many surprises into your gameplay! And that`s it what it is all about playing Cop and Killer, to have fun!

Every player begins play with two handcards and can have up to the maximum of four cards on his active hand. In every gamesituation a player ends his movement on an empty space, he draws a card and is also allowed to play an appropriate card, if he likes. If he has at the end of his turn more than four cards on his hand, he has to reduce them to four, before he passes the dice to another player.

With some patience and preparation can you do a lot in your favour even in the upcoming missions.

But don´t forget the classical phrase:

Everything you say, can and will be hold out against you before court!

You know your buddies and other players?! Aren´t you?


Cop and Killer, Crime Scene New York! Time to draw some more circles, right Joey?