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Cop + Killer

Saloon Poker

High Noon at the Saloon!

Derringer leads you directly to the saloon, where brave citizens group around with shady desperados to play a round of Poker! In the middle of the desk a pile of dough and everybody sitting around with his hand full of cards, carefully hiding them before the eyes of the opponents.

In the case of the jackpot, everything can literally happen! In fact, by chance even somebody could push his luck a bit and try to cheat. But cardsharpers are not seen regularly around here, because the hotheads are quick with their guns at hand and this might be the last sound - the bang of a gun - you ever heard....

Maverick Frontlabel

Maverick Backlabel

Derringer - Special Editions

For the start of Derringer we have provided for the Spiel in Essen two Special-Editions! The decision, which one to take is all yours, but in any case, each Edition features the oversize Flush Poker Cards with the size of 8cm x 12cm.

For the tramp, who is always on the road, riding, use the diligence or is taking the trail, we have our Traveller-Edition of Derringer downsized to fit comfortably in his luggage.

The Gentleman, who is only playing Poker, if he is wearing his shirt of luck made from finest silk and garments directly from paris can acquire his version of Derringer in a special box made out of wood with the look of mahogany. This fine box from the Derringer game is called the Maverick limited edition. She is full with extra sized play money, uses chips exclusively handcrafted in ceramics, just take a look around our sample below. Preorder service for the fair is available, just drop us an email under, as long as our stock lasts!

Maverick Limited Edition

King-Poker with a special set of cards

Cincinatti Kid, Maverick, they are all well known poker- and westernmovies. They all feature strong protagonists, who will use nearly any tactic to gain a benefit in the forthcoming show-down of the Poker game usually generating the climax of the movie. All this tension and the fun of it can be encountered within a game of Derringer. We have developed a very special set of cards, the Flush-Poker-Cards. With these cards most of the players will have an extraordinary hand always at their fingertipps. Therefore everybody is free at will to take risks, when the card playing fever is starting to rise

As a characteristic you should note the following important difference between a handcard and a pokercard, which displays with up to three pokercards possible on one handcard. The Flush-Poker-Set is so fine tuned, that a multicard could possibly be the start towards a part of a street or a pair and indicate the building of maybe four queens or even more. wouldn´t you dare to bet something on a hand like this?

Einige Flush Poker Karten

Forget about the time, where you finally had a triplet of cards on your hand and all of your buddies leave at once, as they face in the opposite only bad cards. With a game of Derringer usually everybody gets the exciting feeling to field good cards and give the others a hard time before the show-down. Place your call and bid your way directly to the end game!

Tainted Cards

Poker is exciting playing it with a game of Derringer. As the tension builds up, it was never ever so easy to place even tainted cards in a show-down to force your luck. Through the concept of the multi-cards you can find the same card imaged on different handcards. For an example the queen of hearts. She is available in the set as a single card, as part of a pair (two Pokercards on a handcard), as part of a street (three Pokercards on a handcard) and as part even on a royal flush.

As Derringer follows most of the time the rules of the five draw poker, you have with five handcards often 8 or more Pokercards on your hand shown, which allow you a lot of different combinations to build right from the start, even before buying cards. Maybe you start with a fullhouse or four queens, but your four queens have a taint, because the queen of hearts can be seen on two cards. A combination played like this, is called a marked set of cards, but may be played at Derringer. But not without any risk! what should you do? Play the Full-House at the show-down and be safe or risk a bit more with a cheated four queens?


You can wait until the show-down, to see what your playing fellows will lay down at the table. It would be wise to see yourself at the end of the row to show your cards as a playing tactic. But in any case, you have to take into consideration how tough your playing mates will be! Are you good enough with your Full-House or should you better opt for the tainted four queens? Maybe you will lose your money, if you play safe, as somebody else at the table might have better cards than you. Make your decision!


Shooting Irons

Bad luck, if you catch a bullet. If any active player shows at the show-down a tainted set of cards, must every other player, who is still part of the actual poker, accept the tainted set. One after another has every active player the opportunity to "draw a gun" from his hand and to shoot at the cardsharper, if he has a guncard available at his hand.
If your cards will still be better, you can think about to spare the cardsharper and keep your gun in reserve for another player! By the way, a legal combination can not be gunned. Who is catching a bullet is out of the actual show-down. If no one draws a gun, the tainted set becomes legal and the show-down continues until every still active player has shown his cards.

Dry to the bone, ran out of money
Derringer is over, if one player runs out of money. Than everybody counts his money and the fellow, who has the most, has won the evening! You can of course decide to play the drastic version, until only one player has all the money on the table! Our game can be played from two up to seven players and lasts around 45 minutes. Derringer plays fast, full of tension right away and has many features for your amusement. Only at tounaments of Derringer the players tend to be more cautious with their bids and than they play eventually the whole evening!


Special cards

Did we already mentioned that we also allow for special cards in Derringer? There are three cards in the set, which allow you to play on occasion some nasty surprises for your mates if they claim themselves to be on the road to victory.

Happy in love, bad luck in a game
Who is not knowing the usual setting of a round of poker in a movie with a western theme? A nice girl is sitting on the lap of a gambler and keeps watching the game. The gentleman is in love and don´t take any notice, that the lady gives somebody else in the round hints about his cards. Play this card at another player. He must show you his cards secretly.

Shoot out  at the saloon
Probably also a well known scene. Suddenly there is trouble in the saloon, fists are clenching, guns are drawn and finally a cowboy flies in a high curve over the pokertable, that the cards and the money are all up in the air and in a mess. Until the innkeeper throws the drunk upright through his front doors to the mainstreet. Than everybody will be quiet and seated again to start a new round of poker. The money already on bid in this round stays in the middle and you get immediately a new set of cards, discarding your old ones to start a whole new round. A very special card to build up the jackpot on the cost of the other players!

Dead man´s hand
Wild Bill Hickok stays at the saloon and plays a game of poker. A man approaches him from behind and guns him down without any warning beforehand. In the moment of his fall he holded a set of cards in his hand showing a pair of 2 black aces and a pair of two black eights. Because of this episode this combination is well known as "dead mans hand" in history. No one knows about the value of the fifth card.
There are existing many variants of this story, so there is one claim, that this scene has happened in the sequence of changing cards (buying cards), what could be a possible explanation for the missing card, why Wild Bill only had four cards on his hand. Wild Bill used to play five-draw-poker.

Who owns this special card "dead mans hand" can shoot out another player in the moment of buying cards without any reason. The player shooted at, is for this round out of the game for the jackpot. This card is very strong, therefore at a tournament, she is only used in the function as a normal shooting iron.

Maverick Edition Keramik Chip

If we are to mention tournament play

Derringer-Tournament at Burg Stahleck in the summer of 2010
At castle Stahleck in the summer of 2010 was held a tournament, which went on until 3.30 into the night. After a final with 175 rounds of Poker played, Christian aka Mr. Magic Hands succeeded in his last bid and went all in. The rounds before saw results beyond all probabilities, four legal singled aces for example and many more notable combinations. He will visit us on saturday at the Spiel. So, who ever dares to challenge the champion have to be there!

small notes besides
Our banknotes tell the story of an evening of poker!


Never play Derringer with real money, that will be costy!

Have Fun and a hand full of aces!