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The little banquet and other adventures

„The little banquet“ is played in a circle of chairs as playing area and has been designed for up to 20 players. Choose a story. Do you bear Piccolino and Nutcracker a helping hand within their race? Or can you solve the secret of castle Gruselstein? Gifts are presented and tasks given. You are a member of the guild of roses or unicorns and have your own charactercard, which depicts your possible actions in a game. At your side is your pet for your support! He can be a growler or a kuddler.

Bankett GerardCover Kleines BankettBankett Sonnelind

At the beginning of a game all players are standing behind their chairs. A golden ball will be passed, and as soon a standing player receives the ball, it is his turn. He chooses one possible action from his charactercard. Every action moves some of the players and rearranges the position of the players to each other.
After his action is finished, the player with the ball sits down and hands over the ball to the next adjacent player. The next standing player, who receives it, will be the next active player to conduct an action. The golden ball will be passed around until all players are seated. Now you check if you managed to match the winning conditions of the story!

Gegenstand Goldene KugelGegenstand PiccolinoGegenstand BlumeGegenstand Geschenk

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